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          Covid 19 procedures at Valleybrook Holidays         

  1. Our properties will be deep cleaned between guests, paying attention to well used items such as light switches, TV remotes, door handles, taps etc.
  2. Some soft furnishings have been removed, such as cushions and throws.
  3. Bed linen, towels and tea towels will have been ‘hot’ washed, tumble dried and stored for several days before use.
  4. Pillows and pillow protectors will be changed with items that have been stored several days before use.
  5. All kitchenwear will be heat sanitised either in the dishwasher or oven.
  6. In addition to the normal cleaning products we supply, we will provide hand sanitiser and antiviral cleaner in the accommodation, but also ask guests not to ‘overuse’ strong chemicals (e.g. an excess of bleach down the drains might affect our sewage treatment plant).
  7. We will ask guests to help the process by being alert to potential hazards; observing hand washing and face touching advice; stripping beds and placing all towels, bedding and linen into designated bags; placing all rubbish into plastic bags and by leaving promptly and not arriving before the designated time. This will help protect staff and give them time to affect the level of cleaning needed.
  8. Our communal areas (Games Room and Laundry Room) are each now accessed by their own booking system (until 19th July 2021), which will allow each accommodation to book a one hour slot for exclusive use of the area. Guests are asked to sanitise the equipment (sanitiser and cloths are provided in your accommodation) both before and after use.

The usual ‘meet and greet’ has been replaced by a self checking system.

A Welcome sheet with all the relevant information will now be provided in each accommodation to complement the Guest Information Book and Equipment manuals usually provided.

We will, of course, still be around and more than happy to chat even though at a greater distance and we do believe that Valleybrook Holidays offers a safe holiday environment in these difficult times.