Valleybrook Dog Code

As doggy people ourselves we know that it can be hard it can be to find good quality accommodation that welcomes your whole family, which is why we are keen to keep Valleybrook dog friendly.

A maximum of three dogs (dangerous breeds excluded) aged one year or over (dogs under one year of age are accepted by special arrangement only) are welcome at Valleybrook in any accommodation, subject to the conditions detailed below.  We are sure that responsible owners will not find these conditions onerous and recognise that they are for the benefit of all guests.

1  Your dog must be kept on a leash at all times when outside the fenced areas at Valleybrook. Further afield, dogs have been known to fall off cliffs and get stuck in holes, please don’t let it happen to yours.

2  Within the site there is a woodland walk beyond the games room.  If you use this walk do not take your dog into the children’s play area.  If your dog fouls anywhere on the site, including the woodland walk and exercise area, the mess must be removed, bagged and discarded in one of the ‘dog bins’. Remember to take bags with you to the beach and on walks as well.

3  Should you exercise your dog in the immediate vicinity of the site, care must be taken not to alarm the livestock.  Please note that all the surrounding fields are private and usually contain livestock.

4  Please bring your own dog’s bed with you as dogs are only allowed on the clear understanding that, under no circumstances, may your dog lie on the beds, chairs or settees, since dog hairs can cause misery to any allergy sufferer who may use the accommodation after you.

5  Dogs should not be left alone in the accommodation. When you want to go out to dinner consider trying one of the many local pubs that allow you to take your dog with you.

6  Also please bring your own dog’s feeding and drinking dishes and do not use any of the crockery provided in your accommodation.  Should you forget any item please contact reception.

7  One badly behaved dog can convince people that all dogs are a nuisance, so under extreme circumstances and at the Owners’ discretion, guests may be asked to remove their dog from the site.

8  Finally, remember to take plenty of fresh water with you on days out as some of the quieter beaches do not have facilities that allow you to fill a bottle.

Thank you for your help in keeping Valleybrook Dog Friendly.